The 88 - Not Only... But Also

by Matthew C. Miller on Nov 5, 2008 at 12:32 AM
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The 88 - Not Only... But Also


With the sound of a great British alternative rock band that reminds me of SpaceHog and a trip to Target, this LA based power-pop group has a solid 11 on their latest, Not Only... But Also.

Borrowing their name from the song "The 88" by The French Kicks, or from the 88 constellations in the sky, or from HH, or from the 88 keys on the piano, or from the fact that you have to get to 88 in the DeLoreon to move through time, The 88 are certainly a band with enough passion to match the possible meanings of their name. From wherever The 88 receive their inspiration, they have certainly honed their skills to make this their third full-length release the most compelling yet.

If you've never heard of them before, chances are that you have heard them. Their hit single, "Coming Home" can be heard lifting the visual air waves during any given Sears or Target commercial of late. You may have also heard them on shows such as the O.C. and One Tree Hill.  The Sears commercial's "turning the pages of your home" take on "Coming Home" is especially inventive. A fitting visual for an enormously creative pop-rock group. Creativity gets a boost on Not Only... But Also, with the help of none other than R&B's own Babyface and Matt Wallace - probubly best known for his pioneering work with Faith No More. The production is a delicate mix of both producers take on music.  You don't have to listen too hard to hear a bit of "Epic" or "When Can I See You" coursing through the grooves of this LP. That being said, the album is still versitile enough to beckon thoughts of the Beatles' Anthemic qualities to your mind on hits like "Go Go Go", and "Love You Anytime". Listeners with appreciation from SpaceHog to the Beatles to Mika to The Flaming Lips, to Golden Sholders should find this a nice mix of memorable songs that you just cant get out of your head. Released October 21, 2008 as their first major label disc on Island / Def Jam Music Group we expect great things from these guys for years to come.


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The iTunes edition of Not Only... But Also sells for $7.99


Sears Commercial - The 88 - Coming Home

The 88 - Go Go Go Video


Track Listing 

   1. Go Go Go
   2. Love You Anytime
   3. Coming Home
   4. No One Here
   5. I'm Nothing
   6. Sons And Daughters
   7. It's A Lot
   8. Like You Do
   9. Save Your Breath
  10. Waiting For The Next Drug
  11. We Felt Alive


Coming Home Lyrics

Won’t you be good to yourself
Don’t you feel like coming home
It’ll be good
It’ll be like coming home

Blend all your days into weeks
Keep all your thoughts to yourself
It’ll be good
It’ll be like coming home

Because you need a place to stay
And I’ve been feeling dead since you went away
You better believe what I tell you cuz you’re coming home

Won’t you bring light to my day
Won’t you be somebody new
It’ll be good
It’ll be like coming home

And tell me that you wanna be
With nobody else but me
It’ll be good
It’ll be like coming home

Because you need a place to stay
And I’ve been feeling dead since you went away
You better believe what I tell you cuz you’re coming home

But oh, it’s not a joke
It’s got a butler, and a maid, and a stove
It’s nothing new
It’s up to you
And when I feel it
I hope you feel it too
Did you hear it
Yeah I heard it
And I think she’s coming home to me

La la la la la la la...

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