The Crosley Revolution - CR6002A - The 'Walkman' of Turntables

by Matthew C. Miller on Sep 20, 2010 at 10:15 AM
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Crosley - Revolution - Walkman Turntable

Crosley's Revolution is the 'Walkman' for your LPs you never knew you needed. It's carrying strap, headphone jack and AA batteries allow you to carry this with you anywhere you'd like to go. I'd venture to say you can't, however, have a disc spinning while en-route. So it's somewhat less portable or rugged than say, the Sansa, but much, much cooler.

However, portability is not the only trick up the Revolution's sleeve. It's built-in FM Transmitter allows you to roll up near any FM Receiver and play your records through that unit's attached speakers, if you switch over to 88.1 or 89.9 MHz. If you can't find anyone willing to let you use their airtime for your old Bing Crosby records, then no worries. The included full-range speaker is tucked nicely into the CR6002A's ABS plastic housing. For private listening, you can use the headphone jack. The CR6002A also has a passive line-out and a DC power hookup for the more permanent installs.

Crosley - Revolution - Walkman Turntable

The Revolution will play 33.3's as well as 45 RPM's be that on 7" or 12" vinyl. The diamond stylus needle, belt drive and manual return tone arm round out this nice package. But the Crosley Revolution still has one more trick pony in the stable. The Revolution not only makes it super easy to listen to your growing LP collection via headphones or on any stereo with an FM Receiver or line-in, it also let's you digitally transfer your collection to your computer; either PC or Mac with it's USB port. You can pick up the Crosley CR6002A Revolution soon for around $160.


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