The Dears - Degeneration Street

by Charles Willis on Feb 18, 2011 at 11:37 AM
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Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, this indie Canadian rock have been rocking it since 1995. They have a dark pop, orchestral sound that is energized by the dramatic live shows. Because of this, this has allowed The Dears to be in the forefront of the Indie rock scene in Canada. The band has gone through many line up changes since they started, but the core of the group has always remain faithful, Founder and singer Murray Lightburn and Keyboard artist Natalia Yanchak. Lightburn has been compared vocally to morrissey. That is a high honor because morrissey, in my opinion, is one of the best vocalist that we have been blessed with. Musically they have been said to be a cross between The smiths and Serge Gainsbourg. Because of some of their complex arrangements they have been compared to greats like Radiohead and Jethro Tull. 

  In 2004 they played highly anticipated shows during SXSW that helped launch their international careers. They have been touring all over Canada, US, UK, Australia and Japan since 2004. They have open for such bands like Sloan, Tradically Hip, Keane, The Secret Machines and Morrissey. 

The Dears have just released their fifth studio album titled, Degeneration street. This album will be released through Dangerbird Records in the US and Pheromone Recordings in Canada.

This album will see the return on several band members who were absent from the previous album, missiles. Those members will be Patrick Krief, Rob Benvie and Roberto Arquila.


The Dears played two promotional shows, one in Montreal and one in Toronto in which they played the whole album.

Degeneration street is an album with simple beats but yet a complex arrangement that shares the stage with deep dark harmonious vocals that brings the listeners in to the heart of the band. I find myself, when listening to this album, telling myself i am not listening to the smiths or the cure, but this is a Canadian rock group. I personally love the new wave vibe that the dears bring on this album.

This album hits all the musical flavors that could be served to you. From the soft melodic sounds of the song Lamentation to the garage grunge on the song blood to the emotional tide of the title track Degeneration Street. 

This album is a must for any music collection

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Degeneration Street Track Listing

Omega Dog - 5:01

5 Chords - 3:34

Blood - 4:09

Thrones - 4:33

Lamentation - 4:20

Torches - 1:36

Galactic Tides - 4:38

Yesteryear - 3:51

Stick With Me Kid - 3:28

Tiny Man - 5:04

Easy Suffering - 4:33

Unsung - 4:15

1854 - 5:23

Degeneration Street - 4:57


The Dears Are:

Murray Lightburn

Natalia Yanchak

Patrick Krief

Rob Benvie

Roberto Arquilla

Jeff Luciani








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