The Dirty Heads - Any Port In A Storm - Special Edition

by Charles Willis on Apr 7, 2010 at 5:31 PM
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The Dirty Heads - Any Port in A Storm - Special Edition


Did you know that there is a blue version of this album? Well, there is: The Dirty Heads - Any Port In A Storm (blue edition)


Haling from Orange County, The Dirty Heads are seeming to put Orange County back on the music scene and doing it without any hardcore rifts. Usually known for the hardcore scene, the OC brought us a nice infusion of hip-hop, acoustic rock and reggae through The Dirty Heads.

It started way back in high school for Jared Watson and guitarist/vocalist Dustin Bushnell when they started a friendship that consisted of music, sun, ocean water, surfing, endless parties and the laid-back SoCal social life. 

When the Jared and Dustin got serious about the music part, they started out like every other typical young band by playing music in a garage. No they weren’t your typical garage band either. No distortion, No crazy guitar pedals, just an acoustic guitar and a 4 track recorder. They soon added Jon Olazabal, Matt Ochoa, and David Foral and the garage became their music lab were they started mixing their various influences: The Beastie Boys, Sublime, 311 and Bob Marley just to name a few. What came out during this time is what is known as The Dirty Head Style

What is the The Dirty Heads Style? Well, it definitely original. It is music that just makes you wish you were in SoCal enjoying the beach, ocean, sun and all other summer activities. You can’t help but think positive thoughts when you listen to them. With a nice blend of Hip-hop vocals, reggae grooves and acoustic guitar, The Dirty Heads are now the official summer soundtrack. 

Due to tremendous demand, The Dirty Heads have just re-released their  ground-breaking album, Any Port in a Storm in digital format (February 16, 2010) and in physical, cd packaging, due out April 27, 2010 in stores everywhere. Any Port in a Storm was produced by Steve Fox and Stan Frazier and released on Executive Music Group (EMG). This album is making quite a storm in the music industry. The single “ Lay Me Down” is already #11 on  Billboard Alternative Songs and #21 Billboard Rock songs. Their single, that features Slash and M. Shadows, “Check the Level” has also impacted alternative radio. They will be releasing videos soon for “Lay me down” and “Check the Level”.

Any port in the storm is a must have album for hip-hop/reggae fans or if you just want some good summer party music, this is a must have album.


For a limited time, you can grab a free download of "I Got Not Time" from their bandcamp page.


Dirty Heads - Any Port in a Storm - Special Edition - Track List

1. Neighborhood 2:51 
2. Stand Tall 3:11 
3. Shine 3:02  
4. Driftin' 3:27  
5. Taint 3:12  
6. Morning Light 2:34 
7. Insomnia 3:46 
8. Easy 3:18 
9. Knows That I 3:36
10. Chelsea 3:09
11. Check The Level 3:41
12. Believe 3:24
13. Hip Hop Misfits 2:39
14. Everything I'm Looking For 3:08
15. Stand Tall (Acoustic) 3:10
16. Viva La Vida 2:05
17. Sails To The Wind 3:28
18. Headphones 2:50
19. Lonely One 3:41
20. Lay Me Down 3:37
21. Antelope 3:29
22. Rains It Pours 3:20
23. I Got No Time 4:00


The Dirty Heads - "Stand Tall" - Video


The Dirty Heads w/Rome of Sublime - "Lay Me Down" - Video



Tour Dates with Rome of Sublime. Check them out when they come to a city near you.

4/8 - The Gasiamp - Long Beach

4/11 - KFMA Day w/ 30 Seconds with Mars, Muse, Switchfoot - Tucson, Arizona

4/20 - The palladium w/ “Sublime with Rome”

4/23 - Fox Theatre w/ Sublime with Rome

4/26 - The Fillmore W/ "Sublime With Rome" - Denver, Colorado

4/28 - The Riviera Theatre W/ "Sublime With Rome" - SOLD OUT - Chicago, Illinois

4/29 - Murat Egyptian Room @ Old National Centre W/ "Sublime With Rome" - Indianapolis, IN

4/30 - Lifestyle Communities Pavilion W/ "Sublime With Rome" - Columbus, Ohio

5/1 - Roseland Ballroom W/ "Sublime With Rome" - SOLD OUT - New York, New York

5/2 - Roseland Ballroom W/ "Sublime With Rome" - New York, New York

5/3 - House of Blues Boston W/ "Sublime With Rome" - Boston, MA

5/5 - Electric Factory W/ "Sublime With Rome" - SOLD OUT - Philadelphia Pennsylvania

5/6 - Norva W/ "Sublime with Rome" - Norfolk, Virginia 

5/20 - University Union Plaza - San Luis Obispo, California 



The Dirty Heads Website

The Dirty Heads on BandCamp - Free Download of "I Got No Time"

Executive Music Group (EMG)

The Dirty Heads - Any Port In A Storm - Blue - Original Edition.


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