The Duke Spirit - Lassoo

by Charles Willis on Mar 20, 2009 at 8:31 AM
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I apologize for this next statement but I am usually not a fan of female fronted bands. BUT, I have found one that I like. Their music is very raw and hypnotizing with a layer of smoothing vocals on top. The Duke Spirit has changed my opinion on  female fronted rock bands. I think I like them a lot because the have modern sixties sound to them and I really like that right now. Last night I was flipping through channels and we stopped on jimmy kimmel to watch the game show they were playing. We watched that and then The Duke Spirit started to play and I was hooked from the first beat of the drum. A light bulb goes off as well and I realized that my buddies from hip sent me their video so I have decide that this week new video would be from the very talented THE DUKE SPIRIT and the song is called LASSOO


The Duke Spirit is 

Liela Moss

Luke Ford

Toby Butler

Olly "The Kid" Betts

Dan Higgins


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