The Flaming Lips - Embryonic

by Charles Willis on Apr 16, 2010 at 5:01 AM
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The Flaming Lips -Embryonic

And the award for most experimental rock band goes to...The Flaming Lips.

If there was an award for experimental rock, the flaming lips would hands down take the award. No fear. No desire to do what mainstream music does. From Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, At War With the Mystics, The Soft Bulletin and even their earlier stuff like Hit to Death in the Future Head and Zaireeka their music transcends time and space. When you listen to their songs, lyrically and musically, you definitely go on a journey.

    I remember it was a school night back in 1992. Me and my friends got tickets to go see tool at the bomb factory in Dallas, sadly it is no longer a venue in the Dallas music scene. So when we got there the opening band was playing. They really caught my attention. They had a great presence about them on stage. Truly a live performance band. Then I hear someone come over the PA and say give it up for the Flaming Lips. We only got to hear one song but they were good. I really enjoyed them. I was looking forward to hearing more for them. I wish I could follow up and say that the next day I went right out and bought their CD but I didn't. It would actually be about 14 years later when I bought my first Flaming Lips CD. I started working for this start-up media company in Dallas and one of my coworkers was a huge Lips fan and he let me listen to a CD. When he pushed play on his iPOD and their sound started to resonate through my ears, I was hooked. The Lips were different and original. I loved it! A wonderful 14 year journey that has led to the Flaming Lips being one of my favorite bands.

  One of my favorite albums is their most recent album, Embryonic. In a weird but inspirational way this album takes you on a great mystical journey. Wayne Coyne has always been someone who never settles for mainstream. He dares to be original with every album The Flaming Lips make. This album, Embryonic, is so different compared to The Lips' 2006 release of At War With The Mystics. Embryonic is full of spacey guitar rifts that leads listeners through a mystical journey. Embryonic is less polished than others. It is more like a free for all. It is like The lips' decided to write a bunch of songs and record them on a four track and the release it. The ironic thing is that it (this magic) works. I am not sure if any mainstream artist could get away with a unpolished recording, but The Flaming Lips can. Wayne chimed in and said that Embryonic was modeled after some of his favorite albums like The Beatles' White Album, Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti and even some of the longer things that The Clash have done.

    Embryonic has a list of special guests that gives this album another dimension of greatness. Synthpop band MGMT contributed to the song "Worm Mountain," German Mathematician Dr. Thorsten Wörmann contributed to the track "Gemini Syringes" and Karen O, the lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs can also be heard lending her wonderful pipes to this LP.

   Embryonic is a must for The Flaming Lips fans and for the people who love music when it is creatively driven and not money driven.

    Oh yeah, I remember the last time I saw them live was on the corner of a street during SxSW. It was so amazing. Scurlock was playing a drum set that you would find at Toys R Us and they just rocked out!  It is true what they say in that The Flaming Lips is a must see live show.


The Flaming Lips - "I Can Be A Frog" (Official Video)


Embryonic Track List

Disc one
1. "Convinced of the Hex"   3:56
2. "The Sparrow Looks Up at the Machine"   4:14
3. "Evil"   5:38
4. "Aquarius Sabotage"   2:11
5. "See the Leaves"   4:24
6. "If"   2:05
7. "Gemini Syringes" (featuring Thorsten Wörmann and Karen O) 3:41
8. "Your Bats"   2:35
9. "Powerless"   6:57

Disc two
10. "The Ego's Last Stand"   5:41
11. "I Can Be a Frog" (featuring Karen O) 2:14
12. "Sagittarius Silver Announcement"   2:59
13. "Worm Mountain" (featuring MGMT) 5:21
14. "Scorpio Sword"   2:02
15. "The Impulse"   3:31
16. "Silver Trembling Hands"   3:59
17. "Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast" (featuring Thorsten Wörmann) 3:44
18. "Watching the Planets" (featuring Karen O) 5:17

iTunes and AmazonMP3 bonus tracks
19. "UFOs Over Baghdad"   5:18
20. "What Does It Mean?"   5:10
21. "Just Above Love"   4:49
22. "Anything You Say Now, I Believe You"   6:40

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