The Fray

by Charles Willis on Dec 23, 2008 at 2:33 PM
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The Band that brought us the beautiful song " How to save a life", that was featured on Grey's anatonmy, has returned with a new album and I must say, it is good. The fray's third album should be another moving album that will take your soul to new places. Their first single, "You Found Me" is a great introduction of what the album will sound like.  this a great album to listen to, when you need to look deep inside yourself to get refreshed. We alll can relate to this song cause we either looking for someone or we are lost and need someone to find us. This album is a must, so Go pre-order it today.
The Fray's eponymous release hit's the street on Febuary 3, 2009.


You Found Me (In a Stairwell) Live - Video


Track Listing

   1. "Syndicate" (3:31)
   2. "Absolute" (3:47)
   3. "You Found Me" (4:04)
   4. "Say When" (5:02)
   5. "Never Say Never" (4:16)
   6. "Where The Story Ends" (3:57)
   7. "Enough For Now" (4:14)
   8. "Ungodly Hour" (5:04)
   9. "We Build Then We Break" (3:48)
  10. "Happiness"[10] (5:22)[11]

Standard Edition iTunes Bonus Tracks

  11. "Fair Fight" [12]
  12. "Uncertainty" [13]


Deluxe Edition iTunes Bonus Tracks

  11. "Where The Story Ends" (Piano Version)
  12. "Absolute" (Acoustic Version)
  13. "You Found Me" (Acoustic Version)
  14. "Enough For Now" (Acoustic Version)
  15. "Fair Fight"
  16. "Uncertainty"
  17. "You Found Me" (Video)
  18. "You Found Me" (Making the Video)
  19. "Making The Album"(Video)


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