The National - BOXER

by Charles Willis on Oct 13, 2008 at 11:32 PM
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The National's hit it strong with their fourth album "BOXER". If you have been waiting for an album that went away from the age of digital enhancements, then go buy this album. This album is brilliantly raw and is a must for your album collection. when Gritty guitars and the very raw vocals of Matt Beringer collide you get an album that is emotionally soothing. You will feel as if your at a personal screening of the Band's mind when listening to this album. From the beautiful empty tone of the first track "Fake Empire" to the peaceful farewell of Santa Clara, "Boxer" is a diamond in the rough.

Greatness Rating: GGGG
(G's represent how great I feel then album is)




The National's Fourth Album"BOXER"

  • "Fake Empire" – 3:25
  • "Mistaken for Strangers" – 3:30
  • "Brainy" (The National, Carin Besser) – 3:18
  • "Squalor Victoria" – 2:59
  • "Green Gloves" – 3:39
  • "Slow Show" – 4:08
  • "Apartment Story" – 3:32
  • "Start a War" – 3:16
  • "Guest Room" – 3:18
  • "Racing Like a Pro" – 3:24
  • "Ada" (The National, Besser) – 4:03
  • "Gospel" (The National, Besser) – 4:29
  • "Blank Slate" - 3:19
  • "Santa Clara"-4:06
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    1. martha Says:
      wholeheartedly agree. definitely a must-own album.

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