The Phuss - Preacher Preacher

by Nathan Garcia on Mar 16, 2010 at 9:31 PM
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The Phuss - Preacher Preacher -

Dallas' The Phuss have been making quite an impression over the last year or so with their intense live shows and recently with their latest debut full length on BattleFlag Records, Wanted.  The album is more or less a concept album following the legend of outlaw Billy Two-Step.  One chapter of this story is covered in the first single from Wanted, "Preacher, Preacher"  where-in Billy reaches for a religious experience in the way an outlaw might...

The video was shot on location in Dallas, Directed by Matt Cooper (Drowning Pool, The Feds, Jet). It features Michael Marco as Billy and Brian Smith (lead singer of Dallas band Maleveller) as the Preacher.  For authenticity the video was shot on 16mm film.

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2 R&R Engage comments to “The Phuss - Preacher Preacher”

  1. rave Says:
    man they rock and with only two people this band is amazing so intense and awesome
  2. Lester Naylor Says:
    This is a quite interesting post, I found it searching through Altavista. I believe most people would agree with your views. At last - someone with common sense!
    PS I quite like the template you are using - where did you get it from?

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