The R&R Tax Day Countdown

by Matthew C. Miller on Apr 15, 2010 at 1:45 PM
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IRS - Taxes


Everyone knows it's a bad deal to "Robin Hood" someone and steal from the rich to give to the poor, worse yet, to steal from the poor and waste the money on trips to the spa or whatever other kinda junk our reps are doing...

So in honor of the real Halloween, Tax Day, here is ROCKandREVIEW's top 5 tax day rants - in song form.

No. 5 - Relient K - "Life After Death and Taxes"



No. 4 - Johnny Paycheck - "Me And The I.R.S."



No. 3 - Robert Cray - "1040 Blues"




No. 2 - The Beatles - "Taxman"



and the No. 1 Tax Day Rant song is: Twisted Sister - "We're Not Gona Take It"



Don't get into any trouble folks, if you owe taxes, pay them. If you think taxes are too high and squandered, do something constructive about it.

Remember the Joe - Joe The Plumber site on the IRS

No, we in America don't need no VAT - maybe a FairTax though.

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