Thrice - Beggars

by B. J. Eakin on Aug 24, 2009 at 9:51 AM
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Thrice Beggars

Years ago I would never had thought that I would be listening to Thrice, yet because of the prodding by a couple of my friends I allowed myself to listen to the Alchemy Index Vol I-IV and my whole perspective has changed.  I used to think that they were just high-energy, annoying punks that somehow made their music loud enough for those kids who felt "oppressed" by the "man" -- whoever that is.  So I decided to give their next album a chance as well... and I was not dissapointed.  Beggars is the 6th installment for these, now, mature artists. 

This probably is no news to you, as the music lover you are, but I regretfully practice musical snobbery and would not give them a chance.  The album is radio-play worthy and I could easily see them getting picked up and used on the air, but they might not be cookie-cutter enough.  It begins with "All the World is Mad" and "The Weight" - which the second is a rocker's tribute to a loved one, very heartfelt lyrics. However, I can see teenagers everywhere quoting this song to their angst filled significant others.

My additional favorite tracks are "Cirlces," "Talking Through Glass," and, of course, "Beggars."  The album is pretty solid, yet can drone on if you leave it playing.  I still have hope that they will progress with their sound from a rock-band and push forward to a no-genre affiliation.  That might be suicide so I wont blame them if they don't.  Although with songs like "Wood & Wire" they are almost hippie-ish, so that breaks the norm.

The album was leaked in late July, which is a shame, it forced the band and label to push the release of a hard-copy album.  Hopefully it will allow more listeners to hear their work who had not before.



Thrice is:

Dustin Kensrue
Teppei Teranishi
Eddie Breckenridge
Riley Breckenridge



01. All The World Is Mad (3:58)
02. The Weight (5:00)
03. Circles (4:18)
04. Doublespeak (4:50)
05. In Exile (3:52)
06. At The Last (4:05)
07. Wood and Wire (4:09)
08. Talking Through Glass / We Move Like Swing Sets (4:29)
09. The Great Exchange (3:33)
10. Beggars (5:24)

2 R&R Engage comments to “Thrice - Beggars”

  1. Jesse Says:
    Great review, makes me want to get this album more.
  2. resume Says:
    I heard about them when I played Guitar Hero - "All the World is Mad" is featured there. i think that's a cool way for fairly unknown artists to shout

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