Travis - Ode to J. Smith

by Matthew C. Miller on Oct 15, 2008 at 5:07 PM
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Travis Ode to J. Smith

Smithy, what happens when you sell millions of records and then find yourself out of a record contract and you've just spent two weeks producing the edgiest set of songs you ever have?

...put them out on your own label. Reviving the Red Telephone Box from their early days, Travis have bestowed upon the pre-ordering faithful 12 alt-rock gems.

The Scottish ship is set to release in the land where it was mixed on Nov 4th, 2008. If you have access to a fully functional U.K. iTunes account you can get it now.

In New York, home to one member of A-Ha, Travis used Electric Lady Studios to lay to tape some raw emotions no doubt partially inspired by the town that lead singer Fran Healy calls one of his favorite places in the world.

Trivia: this album sports Travis' first use of a distorted electric guitar since what album? Heading over to the Travis spaceweb will net you some free listens to the new tracks.

J. Smith

Track Listing:

   1. "Chinese Blues" – 3:46
   2. "J. Smith" – 3:04
   3. "Something Anything" – 2:22
   4. "Long Way Down" (Dougie Payne, Healy) – 2:39
   5. "Broken Mirror" – 3:12
   6. "Last Words" (Payne, Healy) – 4:11
   7. "Quite Free" (Healy, Andy Dunlop, Payne) – 4:00
   8. "Get Up" (Healy, Payne) – 3:13
   9. "Friends" - 3:24
  10. "Song to Self" - 3:46
  11. "Before You Were Young" - 3:19
  12. "Sarah" - 4:26 (Bonus Track - Japanese Edition and U.S. iTunes per-order only)

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  1. musichyper Says:
    Travis, from my point of view,started out as a luke warm radiohead sound alike band but shortly after progressed into their own skin. This is an enjoyable album most of the way through and much rockier indeed.

    I HYPED Travis on EverHYPE and scored it 91%, which I think is very accurate.

    If you get on there, rate me a 5 on it and request friendship.

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