U.S. Constitution Day

by Matthew C. Miller on Sep 17, 2010 at 5:25 AM
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Hey United States-ians, It's U.S. Constitution Day!

Did you know that? If not, who tried to keep that from you and why?

Were they trying to scam you thinking that if you didn't know what was up they could take you?
Probably. That's usually how it goes down.  But not anymore! Your now in the know.

You might be asking: "What in the world does this have to do with music?' And if you are, you might have already been taken to the cleaners. You might have also bought the eco-friendly water bottle, or worse yet, paid some looser "carbon credits" to save the earth. But here is a tip: You can't kill the earth. Greenhouse gases are oxygen to plants. If your trying to reduce your carbon footprint, you might as well stick your head in a plastic bag and seal it shut. 'Cause plants need that gas to "breath" so they can "exhale" oxygen so we can breath.
Did you know there would be no Diamonds if there was no carbon?
Did you know only a sucka would pay for something you can't see?

Did you know that judges making judgments based upon what some judge in some other country said is unconstitutional?
Did you know that appointing a czar w/o congressional approval is unconstitutional?
Did you know that making you buy something you don't want or don't need just so someone else can make a buck is unconstitutional?
Did you know that the constitution protects the songs you've worked long and hard to create from being stolen by someone else?
Did you know that the constitution says what the government CAN'T do to you? (Everything else is up to you. That's a heck of a lot of freedom!)

You are FREE to think, FREE to create, FREE to worship, FREE to learn, FREE to "Just Do It." And you are FREE from the government or anyone else stealing what you've spent your life to create, just because they want to give it to someone else who they deem fit to have it.

If you thought it was wrong for someone to take what you worked your butt off for and give it to someone else, just because they want to (theft), but didn't know exactly why, read The Parable of the Talents. Jesus clearly states that the have nots, do nots, will loose all that they have, but those who work hard and do well with what they have will be given more. Now what the socialist progressives want to do is in complete conflict with this simplistic teaching. It usually is because they can't skim anything off the top if they can't get their hands on your money (time). But more importantly, when someone steals from you in the form of a tax or any other theft, it robs you of the joy of charity and direct giving. Giving from your heart, to whom you see fit. Just as you can go directly to God with your heart, you don't need a middle man to take from you and give to someone or something that might be diametrically opposed to what you believe in.

Be a river, flowing. But get the Fox out of the hen house! (Before you loose all of your eggs.)


You have the FREEDOM to FAIL, the FREEDOM to WIN - You have the FREEDOM to ROCK!!!

And no one can do a thing about it, unless you don't know what your rights are.

Read up, Son!


Grab the iPhone App

Test your Constitution IQ - http://www.constitutionfacts.com

Need tunes for the day, Check out Jeff Grant's free stuff.


"If you disagree with me, then your worse than Hitler!" But you may just be right!

Think I've got it wrong? Think I'm off my rocker? Then school me in the comments!

(Unlike some others, I actually want to be right, but don't claim to have all the answers, yet. I hope to get those answers. I hope you can help me. Please keep the comments respectful. My ears hear better that way.)


4 R&R Engage comments to “U.S. Constitution Day”

  1. Brennan Dylan Says:
    Hey Matt,
    Yeah, you're right. The gov is a massive propaganda machine. Look at Gore. He looks like a side of beef in an elastic suit. He cruises the globe in a private jet after leaving all the lights on in his massive air conditioned pile of bricks. Flies to a couple of Scandinavian countries to give 2 lucky cads $500 million and $250 million respectively to develop an environmentally sound power source for a car. Naturally the money he dropped off didn't come from the fruits of his poppy harvest. Nope.....it came from you and I. And don't think for a minute that he dropped off the loot out of kindness. No, he got a finders fee which we paid for as well. And while he was in the air on our nickel, he wasn't munching on rice cakes and peanut butter. Nah, he's fat. Gore washed down a side of Kobe beef with a bottle of Ripple. He's just a used car sales man in drag. There is no energy crisis, never was and never will be. Energy is a constant. But I digress, most people know guys like him are idiots. And most people know that music is where it's at. Because without that creative freedom available to us, we'd all be living like cavemen/women just marking time. Instead we get to drown out the droning sounds of guys like Gore with LOUD HARD ROCK. Thank God for The Constitution.
  2. Matthew C. Miller Says:
    Hey Brennan.

    Some friends of ours have a site making fun of stuff like this: Conspira:CZ - http://www.facebook.com/pages/CONSPIRACZ/208899407472

    Love your stuff. Just went through the mail and your disc was in there. I want to get some sort of coverage on it up on the site soon. So we'll see.

    Have you thought about submitting it to game/animae companies? We have www.funimation.com in our backyard here in DFW.
  3. Brennan Dylan Says:
    Hey Matt........thank you. I recorded the CD in July and got it back from the CD factory the last week of August. I sent it out to only 2 game/film companies so really haven't followed up yet. I appreciate you giving me Funimation's site. I'm going to check out their site to see how they like to be contacted then go from there. I'll let you know how I do. Thank you for the lead. I appreciate it. Talk to you soon.

  4. Matthew C. Miller Says:
    Totally man.

    God Bless.

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