Feng Wang - Life In Full Bloom

by Matthew C. Miller on Oct 14, 2008 at 2:00 PM
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Feng Wang - In Full Bloom of Life


Everybody Wang Feng Tonight? Maybe if your into Chinese-language Mandopop. Wang Feng is the preeminent rock star in China right now, but his John Lennon roots keep him tied to great musicianship over pop sellout antics.

Great production for an asian western-style influenced artist. Top tracks are: In Full Bloom of Life, Stars and Snow Spent 10 Minutes. Now, some of these tracks are actually available on the U.S. iTunes store (there's not one for music in China as of this writing) and others are available through soso.com

He's also submitted a song for the Bejing 2008 Olympics - Our Dream - Available on his album in Full Bloom of Life and also on Zui Jia Chuang Ge Show on iTunes,  that was not selected for the event.

Track List

1. In order to allow life to continue
2. In full bloom of life
3. Stars
4. On Chang An Avenue
5. Like a child
6. Snow spent 10 minutes
7. Travel
8. Broken Dream
9. Turn the clock back
10. Our Dream (2008 Beijing Olympics)
11. I love you China

Although I get what he's trying to say in the video for Life in Full Bloom, to western viewers the end of the video might seem kinda funny. Just guess who he's running to...


Here's a quick translation of what he is saying:

Wang Feng - in full bloom of life

How many times have fallen on the road
How many times have been broken wings
Now I no longer feel at a loss
I would like to go beyond that of ordinary life
I want to life in full bloom
Like the vast fly in the sky
As through the vast wilderness
Have all the power of free
How many times it has lost its direction
How many times have shattered dreams
Now I no longer feel confused
I would like to be the liberation of my life
I want to life in full bloom
Like the vast fly in the sky
As through the vast wilderness
Have all the power of free
I want to life in full bloom
Rainbow stands as the top
Through just as dazzling in the Xinghe
Have the force go beyond the ordinary


Find more info: Feng Wang on soso.com


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