What do these musical giants have in common?

by Charles Willis on Mar 16, 2010 at 6:40 AM
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what does A band who has sold over 100 million records,  One of britain's most distinctive progressive rock bands, One of the most exciting english harmonies, besides the Beatles, and a forefather of reggae music and one of the stooges and I don't mean the three have in common? HALL OF FAME, the Rock and Roll hall of fame that is. ABBA, Genesis, The Hollies, Jimmy Cliff and Iggy Pop's Stooges. All of the bands deserve to be in cleveland ohio for different reasons. ABBA has sold over 100 millions albums where their hits, Dancing Queen, Knowing Me Knowing You, and Waterloo. The also introduced their music to a new generation through a musical movie, "Mamma Mia", that starred the wonderful and talented Meryl Streep. 

Genesis had two lives, or two incarnations if you will. When They first started out as a fixture in Britain's progressive rock scene in  the 70's they were know as much for frontman, Peter Gabriel's animated presences at the music. When peter quit the band, the moved drummer phil collins to the front which caused a chain reaction of them making frequent stops at pop charts.

A band who started out in the 60's and now are in their 60's, "The Hollies," come in a close second with The Beatles for most exquisite harmonies which eventually landed them three number 1 records, "The Air I breathe", " He Aint Heavy, He is my brother," "Long Cool Woman (In a black dress"

One of the first reggae artist to export his music was jimmy cliff. Jimmy cliff was an inspiration to the people and musicians of the Caribbean. Cliff's is best known for his songs "You Can Get It If You Really Want," "The Harder They Come", and "Many Rivers to come.

The band that did not sell many records but instead influenced the punk movement must have a place in rock and roll's hall of fame and that band is the michigan based "Stooges."  Another attribute that made this band exciting was iggy pop. He was electrifying frontman.

This was good night for the people of music.


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