Words In Windows

by Charles Willis on Jul 27, 2009 at 4:12 PM
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Words In Windows

Putting Abeilene Texas on the map, Words in Windows is about to release their second independent album-Balloons. Words In Windows have created another uniquely creative album with Balloons. With beautiful melodies that are topped with words that move the heart sould and mind, Balloons is an album that will change your spirit when you listen to it.

Led by Jordan Osborn and Landry Meeks, Words in windows are about to rise to the next level. The band consists of five different people (Jordan Osborne-guitar/Vocals, Landry Meeks -Bass, Anderw Parrish-guitar, Justin Anthony-Drums, Tino Flores-Sax/melodica,keys) - that are united in one mission which is to spread the goodness of God through well-written, God inspired music.

Be on the lookout for Balloons coming soon from Words In Windows.


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Words In Windows - Balloons - Track List:

01. Ears That Listen In
02. More Divine
03. A World White
04. To Send Eyes
05. Ask And See
06. All This Will Become
07. When Morning Wakes

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