Zero 7- Simple Things

by Charles Willis on Oct 15, 2008 at 2:16 PM
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simple things

If you’re looking for that downtempo album to sooth your soul look no more because I have found it. Zero 7 is one of the best downtempo duos out there. Hailing from the UK, Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker know how to take simple vocals and mix it with relaxing beats to produce music that sooths the inner soul. My Favorite track off this album is "I have seen". Zero 7 starts off this album with this track, which I am not sure if I would have, but it is still my favorite track. The vocals fit well and I like the acoustic guitar. Can't you just picture yourself in a coffee shop enjoying life? That is how I feel when I hear this song. From the peaceful sounds of “Out of Town” to the excellent wah’s of “Salt Water Sound” Zero 7 is ready to take us "downtempo" so we can relax our mind and find an inner peace.

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Zero 7 "Simpe Things" Track Listing.

  1. "I Have Seen" – 5:07
  2. "Polaris" – 4:48
  3. "Destiny" – 5:38
  4. "Give It Away" – 5:17
  5. "Simple Things" – 4:24
  6. "Red Dust" – 5:40
  7. "Distractions" – 5:16
  8. "In the Waiting Line" – 4:35
  9. "Out of Town" – 4:48
  10. "This World" – 5:37
  11. "Likufanele" – 6:24
  12. "End Theme" – 3:38

US edition bonus tracks:

  1. "Salt Water Sound" – 5:30
  2. "Spinning" – 6:03

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